Garage Door Safety Month


Look, Listen, Learn & Remember

Each year, the door and access systems industry recognizes Garage Door Safety Month. While the importance of safety is recognized year-round, May is a special month for IDA members to take the opportunity to share their dedication to safety. Garage door safety is critical and the promotion of safety is beneficial to our industry, your company and the general public.

Garage Door Safety Month is now in May 2021! 

To help IDA members promote safety this month, IDA has created the Look, Listen, Learn & Remember unified message of safety.

Garage Door Safety Infographics
Streamlined and memorable messaging is the key to cutting through the information
overload that exists in today’s world. Infographics are a great way to provide information in a concise and visual tool. IDA has provided four variations of an infographic to offer options and individualized branding.
Uses include:

  • Add white or blue title graphic to your company home page.
  • Add Look, Learn, Listen & Remember infographic to your garage door safety webpage.
  • Use the Look, Learn, Listen & Remember company branded infographic to send in digital communication to your mailing list.
  • Use the title graphic and Look, Learn, Listen & Remember infographic on your social media channels – making sure to include a link back to your company’s garage door safety webpage.
  • Add the white or blue title graphic to your email signature – making sure to include an active link embedded in the graphic to your company’s garage door safety page.
Download Infographics:
IDA GDS Icon White
IDA GDS Icon Blue
IDA GDS Infographic No Member Branding
IDA GDS Infographic WITH Member Branding

Media Press Release Template
Communication and outreach are a critical component of increasing your business. Sending  press releases to the media (television, newspaper, radio) can be a great, low cost way to increase the value of your company brand, improve business opportunities, and share valuable information with the community to build trust as an expert in your market.
Tips for issuing a press release:
  • Edit the attached press release to include your company logo, contact information, company location and details indicated in the template.
  • Pull a list of all media outlets in your area you wish to contact – make sure to get names of reporters or editors that would cover home and/or safety items.
  • Email each reporter or editor a short note in the body of the email sharing the importance of Garage Door Safety month and how your company can be a resource – make sure to include “June is Garage Door Safety month” in your email memo.
  • Include an offer of a spokesperson or expert from your company that could speak on air or provide a quote if requested.
  • Attach a copy of the press release and your company branded infographic.
  • Have emails ready to send to media outlets by June 1, 2020.
  • Follow up with media outlets if you haven’t heard back on 6/4 and 6/5 – as they might want to include this story on a lighter media cycle over the weekend.
Download the Press Release Template:
Will be available April 2021

Social Media Outreach
Promoting Garage Door Safety Month on social media is a great way to help your customers ensure the safety of their doors and promote your company. A post can build awareness about garage door safety and provide helpful tips to Look, Listen, Learn & Remember. Below is a link to a social media calendar for Garage Door Safety month. Each post and image can be edited with your company’s specific information, message and/or images.
Tips for posting on social media:
  • Make sure to include #GarageDoorSafety.
  • Add a link to your garage door safety webpage.
  • Consider promoting or boosting your message for additional exposure.
  • Track who has liked your posts and consider following their social media channels.
Download the Social Media Calendar:
Will be available in April 2021