Garage Door Safety Month


Look, Listen, Learn & Remember



Each year, the door and access systems industry recognizes Garage Door Safety Month. While the importance of safety is recognized year-round, May is a special month for IDA members to take the opportunity to share their dedication to safety. Garage door safety is critical and the promotion of safety is beneficial to our industry, your company and the general public.

Use these icons, infographic and videos to help promote your company as an expert in safety and build trust in your community. Include these on your website, as resources in your communications with customers, in press releases and as posts on your social media accounts. Here are some specific ideas for using these resources:

  • Link to these videos on your website and social media channels and reach out to customers to remind them about periodic safety checks. Consider running a discounted safety check option in June.
  • Include safety information in a press release (template available on this page for download) to a local television station, radio, or newspaper and offer to be interviewed about garage door safety.
  • During Garage Door Safety Month, post your own safety video on your social media accounts highlighting different aspects of garage door and operator safety.
  • Create a mailer for customers as a friendly reminder to get their garage door inspected periodically and reference these materials.

Have specific questions on how to use these materials? Reach out to us for help.

Click here for safety resources from IDA Supplier Members.

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