Suggested Ways to Celebrate

The 16th Annual SuperTech Day has been established as Friday, June 28, 2024. Industry leaders envision a wide range of official activities and promotional events that will culminate around this day of recognition and are asking dealers to use the day to honor and recognize field personnel for their valuable contributions to their company, customers and community.

IDA would like to see your ideas. Email us photos and descriptions of your Super Tech Day celebration so we can share your great ideas with the rest of the industry.

In the meantime, here are some suggestions you may want to consider:

• Give your techs a gift. This doesn’t need to be a costly venture. Gift cards or certificates to a local restaurant or retailer are always popular.
• Provide a company breakfast, luncheon or cookout and include all other company employees. Maybe even consider inviting your technician’s family members.
• Hang a banner in front of your business.
• Write a personal note of thanks for their good work and dedication.
• Have a team meeting and announce (if you aren’t already doing so) that each of your technicians will have the opportunity to earn one or more IDEA technician certifications.
• If you are in the process of certifying technicians, consider contacting IDEA about the possibility of having a presentation of certificates on SuperTech Day.
• Provide a sporty new shirt – golf-style, denim or otherwise – as a gift.
• Have an outside service wash and detail their company trucks. The benefit of this type of recognition is personal, gratifying and gives each of them a clean truck for at least one day out of the year.
• If you have company awards or recognition events you normally hold once a year, consider moving your event to SuperTech Day.
• Be creative and think of something that would just be fun. Consider such activities as a fishing or Texas Hold ‘Em tournament, rent a bowling alley for a couple of hours, or take over a public park for an afternoon (remember to bring a banner to gain residual advertising benefits.)
• Find a local charity or widely recognized worthy cause and contribute in the names of your technicians to honor them. Have press releases sent to your local newspaper, television, and radio stations, announcing the contribution (it’s even better if you can get the charity to send the press releases on their letterhead). Be sure to send a group photo with the names of your technicians clearly identified. There are never any guarantees, but if properly executed, this technique has an excellent chance of putting your technicians’ smiling faces in the local newspaper and possibly mentioned on the evening news. This would make them and their families very proud and give you a very nice item suitable for framing to hang in your showroom.