IDA Ethics Committee


Amendments to the IDA Bylaws in June 2020 included establishment of the IDA Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee considers ethical matters which directly concern the activities of IDA. Its goal is to ensure that members adhere to the IDA Bylaws and Code of Business Conduct which enhance the value of membership in the IDA and its position in the door and access systems industry.

The Ethics Committee shall have the power to receive, initiate and direct IDA staff to investigate documented concerns or issues of unethical conduct of IDA members; to report on types of cases investigated with specific description of difficult or recalcitrant cases; to dismiss or recommend action on ethical cases investigated; to resolve cases by agreement where appropriate; to formulate rules or principles of ethics for adoption by the association; to formulate rules and procedures governing the conduct of the ethics or disciplinary process for approval by the IDA Board of Directors acting on behalf of Committee; and to interpret, apply and otherwise administer those rules and procedures.

If you have a concern or issue of unethical conduct related to the IDA, please email to request the Confidential IDA Member Complaint Form.