Top Ten Reasons to Participate

10.  If a large, prominent organization elected to establish (Insert Your Name Here) Day, wouldn’t you want someone to participate?
9.  Many studies have shown that respect and recognition are the most important factors relating to job satisfaction and people who feel appreciated by their employers and co-workers are generally unlikely to seek alternative employment.
8.  Door systems technicians protect people and property which is a remarkably important role to play in society and deserves more recognition.
7.  If you do something that involves family members, you will get free word-of-mouth advertising when these people return to their neighborhoods and tell their friends what a great company you have.
6.  The day can be used as a hub for promoting your company as one that uses professional, skilled technicians who are most qualified to install and service their door systems.
5.  They wear your company logo, drive your trucks, and meet face-to-face with your customers every working day of the year.
4.  If you were once an installer, can you recall how much it meant to you – or would have meant to you – to get a pat on the back for a job well done?
3.  It is a simple, cost-effective way to promote company unity and camaraderie.
2.  Your technicians deserve it.

And the #1. Reason to Participate in SuperTech Day… Your hard-earned reputation is determined by the work your technicians perform each time they install, repair, drop test or inspect a door. Each customer they serve will base his or her opinion about your company’s reputation on the experience they have when interacting with that technician.