IDEA Accreditation

Learn More About IDEA Accreditation

The Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA) was formed in 1996 through a joint effort of IDA, the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) and the American Rolling Door Institute. 

IDEA manages education seminars and professional development workshops for owners, managers and field personnel within the garage door and access systems industry. Door dealers from around the world have taken part in education and training through IDEA to maintain the highest possible knowledge level about the garage door industry. Some have take additional steps toward earning Dealer Accreditation for their companies and Technician Certification for their employees. While certification standards are newer to the garage door and access systems industry, as these standards grow in visibility, it’s predicted for educated consumers to expect certification when hiring technicians in the future. 

What Does Accreditation Mean For a Company?

Accreditation is available to companies that sell, service and install overhead garage doors and access systems. This is a voluntary program in which applicants must complete a comprehensive, six-part study course covering all aspects of the residential and commercial garage door and access systems industry. In addition to passing six written examinations, applicants must provide documentation to IDEA regarding insurance coverage, proper tax registration or licensing, business tenure and reputation. 

What Does Certification Mean for a Technician?

Garage Door installers and service technicians have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd – and potentially earn more installation jobs – through completing an IDEA certification program. Certification is available to residential garage door technicians, rolling steel fire door technicians and commercial sectional door technicians. 

What Does Accreditation and Certification Mean to the Consumer?

Companies that earn IDEA Dealer Accreditation can market themselves to the general public as having met a voluntary standard of quality, which is recognized by the garage door and access industry as a symbol of excellence.