IDA Moves Garage Door Safety Month to May 2021‎

Washington, D.C. (March 15, 2021) – Each year, the garage door and access systems industry recognizes Garage Door Safety Month (GDSM). Historically GDSM has been in June, however, it will now take place in May in order to coincide with the International Code Council’s (ICC) Building Safety Month. While the importance of safety is recognized year-round, May is a special month for IDA members to take the opportunity to share their dedication to safety with consumers and the markets they serve. The promotion of safety is beneficial to the door and access industry, IDA members and their consumers: garage door owners.

“IDA encourages our members to promote garage door safety during the month of May” states Kevin Pettiette, President of IDA. In addition to working with ICC, IDA will be working with a partner organization in the door industry, Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA), who will contribute to promoting the safety message to the construction audience, and those involved in the construction area for project selections and/or improvements. “This will provide the safety message to an additional audience of inspectors, contractors and consumers who are key players involved in the safety of door and access systems” says Pettiette.

The International Door Association’s (IDA) mission is to be the leading trade association representing the door and access system industry by providing advocacy, education, and collaboration to advance the industry with increased professionalism, and vibrant volunteer leadership and staff. Garage door and operator safety promotion and outreach is an important part of IDA’s work.
For additional information about IDA and Garage Door Safety Month, visit this page.

About IDA
The International Door Association (IDA) is a nonprofit trade association representing door and access system dealers and suppliers all over the world. The association includes the large majority of garage door dealers, manufacturers and individual technicians in the door and access system industry, and provides resources in the name of advocacy, education and collaboration with likeminded organizations. IDA’s goal is to advance the industry with increased professionalism and product quality unmatched by any other industry.