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IDA Dealer members are an integral part of the organization. Throughout the years, IDA has featured articles about companies that fall into this member type in International Door & Operator Industry magazine.

We are now offering the opportunity to nominate and endorse other Dealer Members for the monthly Dealer Dialog feature (formally called Dealer’s Corner). ID&OI Magazine will feature Dealers starting with Region 1 and work up to Region 12 in numerical order, then start over. 

Please Note: Nominees must be a current IDA member in good standing to be considered. You may nominate dealers outside of your region. Endorsements will be reviewed bi-annually by a Subcommittee and selected for inclusion in the ID&OI Magazine and IDA will work to feature dealer members of different sizes, residential vs. commercial, etc. to show the depth and breadth of members.

Contact ID&OI Editor, Julia Scott at, if you have any questions.

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