IDAEXPO+ Plenary Session

Finding Confidence in Conflict

Wednesday, April 24 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM

This presentation aims to help team members handle difficult conversations and negotiations using the Compassionate Curiosity Framework. Attendees will have the opportunity to improve their ability to understand the emotions and psychology behind a conflict, gain control over their emotions, build trust with colleagues and clients, and create an atmosphere that encourages healthy, honest communication.

Led by attorney and global expert on negotiation, Kwame Christian, this practical and engaging session will teach attendees psychology-based negotiation strategies to manage conversations. Participants will learn how to structure difficult conversations effectively, manage difficult emotions, and avoid common mistakes that can stifle healthy communication. This workshop will form the foundation for all negotiation training.

The learning objectives for this presentation include how to have critical conversations and create trust with colleagues and clients, how to create an atmosphere that encourages healthy, honest communication, how to avoid hostility and common mistakes that stifle healthy communication, and how to approach every interaction as an opportunity for future success.

Difficult conversations and negotiations can be a significant source of anxiety and stress, leading to breakdowns in communication and tension in relationships. However, by learning negotiation strategies and the Compassionate Curiosity Framework, attendees will gain the confidence and skills needed to handle difficult conversations and negotiations effectively. This presentation is ideal for team members who wish to improve their conflict management skills and build better relationships with their colleagues and clients.

Kwame Christian, Esq., M.A.

One of the world’s top negotiation experts, Kwame Christian is a best-selling author, top podcaster, keynote speaker, Forbes contributor, business attorney, and founder and CEO of the American Negotiation Institute (ANI), a global consulting firm that specializes in providing training, coaching and education on applying the foundations of negotiation to any difficult conversation in life or business. With expertise in the areas of negotiation, DEI, leadership, sales and conflict resolution, ANI helps organizations and individuals turn their most challenging conversations into opportunities for achieving meaningful and measurable results. Under Kwame’s leadership, ANI has coached and trained Fortune 500 companies on applying the fundamentals of negotiation to corporate success. He is the originator of the Compassionate Curiosity Framework™ and has spoken and conducted workshops around the world.

Some of Kwame’s engagements include Fortune 1000 and strategic clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Target, NASA, Apple, Intel, Honda, Owens Corning, and Workday, Inc.