Fire Marshall Training

Speaker: Ed Hermanns, Merchantville Overhead Door;  David Mount, Mount Garage Door

April 24th, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Your attendance to this “train-the-trainer” course will grant your access to the materials ‎necessary for you to provide training classes in your own market area. This presentation will ‎provide you with the fundamentals and format to educate local fire ‎inspectors, state fire ‎marshals, building inspectors, AHJ’s and other building ‎officials with the critical knowledge ‎necessary to fairly evaluate a ‎rolling steel fire door assembly and it’s record of inspections. It ‎will dive into the world of ‎rolling steel door fire protectives, integrated and stand-alone ‎options, building owner ‎responsibilities, retrofit targets, standards interpretation, code ‎updates and ‎records requirements. It will include the important 2022 updates to NFPA 80, and ‎the soon to be published 2024 International Fire Code. Part two of the session will include a ‎critical case study of the Charleston Sofa Super Store Fire of 2007 from a prevention and ‎inspection standpoint. You won’t want to miss this presentation.‎
This is a 3-hour CEU interactive class.‎