IDAEXPO+ education Session

Door Systems Mock Trial ‎

Wednesday, April 24 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Gain a better understanding of product liability and how it affects dealers and manufacturers. Be part of ‎a jury that deliberates as part of a realistic mock trial. The case, based on actual court cases, is an ‎accident involving an automated residential garage door. This presentation from DASMA will show you ‎what happens in the courtroom when a plaintiff attempts to collect damages from a dealer and ‎manufacturer as a result of an accident, alleging that a product was improperly installed and did not ‎meet safety standards.‎

An All-Star Cast of DASMA Members

Introduction– Chris Johnson
Judge – Rick Sedivy
Plaintiff’s Attorney – Nathan Breen
Defendant Top Notch Door’s Counsel – Zack Eichenberger
Defendant Expert Door Service, Inc. Counsel – Tom DeSilvia
Doctor – Tim Castello
Plaintiff’s Expert Witness – Dave Monsour
Defendant Top Notch Door’s Witness – Dave Bornemann
Defendant Expert Door Service, Inc. Owner/Technician – Kevin Ward
Computer Operator – Vicki Jones