Fall EduCon Session

Advanced Sales Strategies: Close More Deals Without Scripts and Gimmicks

Friday, September 20 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Join us for a comprehensive session tailored specifically for Garage Door Repair professionals, focusing on cultivating successful sales strategies that transcend traditional tactics. This class is designed to sharpen your personal expertise, bolster your authority in the garage door repair industry, and deepen trust with your clients. Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned expert looking to enhance your sales approach, our course offers invaluable insights into forging meaningful connections and securing long-lasting customer relationships.

By the end of this session, participants will be equipped to:

  1. Discover How to Exploit the Three Pillars of Winning Sales in the Garage Door Repair Sector: Learn about effective strategies that leverage your unique knowledge and skills, moving beyond reliance on scripts and general sales tactics. Utilize industry-specific tools, such as the DASMA safety inspection checklist, to demonstrate your commitment to professionalism and integrity.
  2. What it takes to Build Strong, Trust-Based Relationships with Homeowners: Discover the crucial elements that help you establish credibility and become the trusted garage door repair expert for your customers.
  3. You’ll Achieve Perfect Customer Engagement through Targeted Communication: Master the art of engaging with clients in a manner that addresses their specific concerns and needs, ensuring your approach is perfectly aligned with the expectations of homeowners.

robb leishman

Legit5 Garage Door Marketing and Sales Strategies

Robb Leishman is an experienced internet marketing and Sales strategist who helps Garage Door Companies leverage their reputation and experience to get customers that pay, stay and refer, to increase profits, achieve more freedom and have more security in their business without scripty high pressure sales tactics.

He is an active member on the board of directors for Western Access Systems Association (WASA) Serving the Door, Gate and Access industry in the southwestern states. He is the founder of the Garage Door Heroes Podcast interviewing A-Players in the Garage and Home Services industry. In mid 2024 Robb has a book coming out “The Garage Door Marketing Machine. How to triple your sales by getting your online Marketing On Track.” outlining his sales and marketing strategies specifically for the Garage Door and Gate industries

He is the creator of the Private Facebook Mastermind for Garage Door Company owners helping Companies manage scale and grow their businesses to have more money, more freedom and more impact in their lives. He’s worked with some of the top coaches and consultants in home services as well as big players in the garage door industry, along with local and national door and gate companies on marketing and sales strategies.

Robb has been involved in the Home Service industry since working as a plumbers helper in 1980 has built and sold his own brick and mortar business as well as 2 home service businesses being able to sell to his customers. He took on his first consulting contract with a Garage door business in 2009 when a friend left a larger local firm to start his own and asked for help growing his business the way Robb had scaled his home service company.

As CEO of Legit5 Garage Door Marketing and Sales Strategies, he has grown the business from inception to working with many many Garage and home service companies in just months.

Robb has presented his strategies on a private appointment basis to some of the larger Garage Door organizations related to marketing and lead conversion strategies. Has hosted many events in his Mastermind group and forums speaking on how to effectively integrate internet marketing and sales processes into your overall business goals.

You can see more about his unique processes, strategies and what clients are saying about Legit5.com or you may contact him at Robb@Legit5.com.