Fall EduCon:
Onboarding and Developing Your People

Fall EduCon: Session

Paul Packevicius/CPA

Business Coach and Trainer with Service Excellence

Onboarding and Developing Your People

People is the biggest asset that business has therefore proper onboarding process combined with the continues development and education is the key to growing a successful and profitable business.

In our session we will concentrate on:

  • How to set up your new employees for success through the in-depth onboarding process and steps.
  • How to create a successful development program and grow your people within your business.
  • How to use people development as a motivational tool to increase productivity and profits in your business.

If you ask most of successful businesses why they are effective and profitable in what they do, the most common answer is ‘people’. Let’s work on developing our biggest asset and as Mr. Ford said: ‘“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

About the Speaker

Hello, my name is Paul Packevicius and I’m a Business Coach and Trainer with Service Excellence. I have extensive and well-diversified business coaching and consulting experience for over 12 years in home service industries such as electric, plumbing, HVAC, landscape and home cleaning. Worked with over 1,000 business owners ranging from the new startups all the way to the well-established generational businesses. My experience also expands across a variety of markets around the world, majority of my consulting experience comes in the US markets, but I also helped business owners to grow their businesses profitably in Canada, UK and Germany. I strongly believe that business profitability is the key to success: my goal is to aid everyone within each client’s business to understand how they can contribute to that success.