Fall EduCon:
How TO Price Your Products and Services for SUCCESS

Fall EduCon: Session

Byron Burland

Owner of Besser Bros Garage Doors

How TO Price Your Products and Services for SUCCESS

This a session you do NOT want to miss. I will be sharing methods of how to calculate PRICING considering ALL aspects including materials, freight, labor and overhead resulting in the creation of your own personal Price Book based on the Net PROFIT you wish to achieve. Everyone’s business is unique to them and the price your Competitor charges is certainly not the way you should base your pricing. As we work through this seminar together, you will have a CLEAR understanding as well as a Take Home Worksheet which will set you up for SUCCESS. Taking everything I have preached in the past regarding Gross Margin verse Mark Up and understanding the 50-30-20 rule; my goal is to help you put the final piece of the puzzle together in terms of PRICING for PROFIT.

About the Speaker

Byron Burland is the owner of Besser Bros Garage Doors and has been in the Industry since 1994. Byron started Safe ‘n Secure in 1994 in San Diego, and in 2005, acquired Besser Bros. Garage Doors in Orange County. In April 2023, both businesses will celebrate 29 and 46 years respectively, being one of the longest established garage door businesses in Southern California.  Originally from South Africa, Byron earned a degree in Business and Financial Management (majoring in Financial Accounting and Marketing), following which he served in the South African Defense Force for two years.

Byron is an IDEA accredited dealer and an IDEA sanctioned trainer. Currently serves as the Vice President – Dealers and served two, two-year terms as CODA president and one three-year term as an IDEA director. When not working, he enjoys fishing, spending time on the water, and most importantly being with his beautiful wife Robyn and their 5 children. Byron understands the commitment and time it takes to run a door business, has been through multiple recessions and yet has found a way to continue to grow. His goal is to share his knowledge and experiences with fellow Dealers in an effort to help and improve the Industry so everyone prospers.