IDAEXPO+ education Session

SuperTech: Deep dive into CDO’S


Friday, April 26 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

In this seminar well known commercial door operator expert, Roy Bardowell, will go into every facet of CDO’s. Roy will show all the basic commercial door operator types and all the features and options available when ordering an operator. Roy will also show how to accurately order a CDO and the correct models for all door types. Roy will go in depth on the main mechanical and electrical components found in commercial door operators including their purpose and role in the commercial door operator and how it impacts door operation. Roy will also demonstrate how to verify the integrity of the main electrical components found in CDO’s by using a voltmeter or ohm -meter. Anyone who dabbles in commercial operator troubleshooting and repairs will definitely want to attend this session.

Roy Bardowell

Roy G. Bardowell is an industry veteran with over 51 years of garage door, door operator, and access control design, including extensive manufacturing and sales experience. Mostly known as the Door Operator Guru, Roy’s extensive expertise includes door hardware, door design, cost analysis, performance evaluation, production, marketing, sales, training, and service, with a special passion for garage door and gate operators. Roy’s all around knowledge permits him to fit into any position and do it efficiently and competently. Since 1988, Roy has been an advisory member on the Underwriters Laboratories Standards Technical Panel for UL 325 (325 STP) and has a complete understanding of the UL 325 & 991 standards including application & installation compliance. Roy also became a CDDC (certified door dealer consultant) in 2011.