IDAEXPO+ education Session

Making Your Money ‘Mind’ – Without Losing Yours! 

Wednesday, April 24 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Have you ever found yourself wrestling with the mystery of where the heck your hard-earned money ‎actually goes?  ‘Making Your Money ‘Mind’ – Without Losing Yours!’ explores this common money ‎challenge.  Whether you’re a business owner or a W2 employee, come learn how to demystify your ‎money and discover the path to intentional choices, so you can actually live the life – and lifestyle – ‎you’ve worked so hard to create.‎

Sarah Wescott

Sarah Westcott is a Personal CFO and Financial Coach with a passion for guiding her clients to find clarity and confidence in their finances, so they can actually live the life and lifestyle they’ve worked so hard to create. As founder and principal of SW Financial Solutions in Savannah, GA, Sarah brings over 15 years of experience to helping her clients discover their unique life and business priorities, enabling them to create their own personalized version of ‘Life, Fully Funded,’ with the guiding philosophy that ‘we can do anything we want with our time and money, we just can’t do everything, so we must choose intentionally!” 

Sarah holds several professional certifications in business and financial coaching and has served on the board of directors for Savannah’s CFO Council and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, as well as an Area Director for BNI. She is also a founding member and subject matter expert for Coach Connections and the Accountable Network, a diverse community of financial experts serving clients worldwide. 

Sarah is a homeschooling mother of four boys, who lovingly tease her that she can find a creative way to incorporate real-life lessons into almost any topic.  A gifted speaker and presenter, Sarah looks forward to sharing her passion for all things finance with a touch of humor and fun.