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IDA's NEW Podcast, Door-Cast is a weekly podcast that offers listeners the inside scoop on the door and access industry.

Episodes of #IDADoorCast are hosted by IDA Executive Director, Mike Fischer, and feature industry experts discussing a wide range of topics including:

IDA-Door-Cast-Logo_Final.jpgSales tactics
Industry Reputation
Special industry events
Pandemic challenges
Code compliance
Advocacy updates
Educational tips  

Join us for our weekly Door-Cast episodes while driving to your next installation, or anytime!
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imageedit_1_6218111601.png          ICC Pulse Podcast: Episode 41
          Garage Door Safety
          With Mike Fischer & Steve Jones, ICC and Gordon Thomas, DASMA

In this episode, Steve Jones, Code Council Senior Gov’t Relations Regional Manager talks with Mike Fischer, Executive Director of the International Door Association (IDA); and Gordon Thomas, Technical Director at Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) on the importance of garage door safety. They also share safety tips and resources for inspectors and the public on checking garage doors.

imageedit_1_6218111601.pngEpisode 1:  May 18, 2021
Selling in a Post COVID-19 Environment 
With Mike Fischer & Dan Apple, The Apple Group

Supply chain disruptions have affected every part door dealer operations; most important is the impact on customer relations. In this session, Dan Apple will provide insight in how to respond to customer needs and best manage those relationships.

imageedit_1_6218111601-(1).pngEpisode 2: May 25, 2021
Inventory Lead Times and Selecting the Right Door Even if Not Right Now
With Mike Fischer & Brenton Cheney, IDA President

With challenges throughout the supply chain, understanding how to manage inventory has never been more important for door dealers. Brenton Cheney will share strategies to balance the needs of customers and operations while managing cash flow. 

imageedit_1_6218111601-(2).pngEpisode 3: June 1, 2021
Google Scam Listings (Bad Bobs)
With Mike Fischer & Tom Wadsworth and Kevin Pettiette, IDA Past President.

Many service industries have had to deal with their share of bad actors. Whether violating Elder Care laws, performing unneccesary repairs, or price gouging, "Bad Bobs" can give the door industry a bad name. Throw in the issues related to fake Google ads, and the competitive arena is a lot more difficult. Join this discussion to learn more about these issues, and what you can do in your market to fight back.

imageedit_1_6218111601-(2).pngEpisode 4: June 8, 2021
Financial Education for the Industry
With Mike Fischer & Josef Roberts, E Squared Consulting

Understanding your business financials is critical for survival in a hyper competitive market. Door dealers should understand the nuances of markup, margin, and recognizing the key indicators from your balance sheet to help you understand how to benchmark the numbers and gauge your success. Josef Roberts will show you how to understand and evaluate your key financial data points.

imageedit_1_6218111601-(2).pngEpisode 5: June 15, 2021
How to Stay on Top Online
With Mike Fischer & Doug Schatz, Market Hardware

A solid online presence is critical to door dealer's success.  Managing search engine results, social media interaction, and online reviews are all necessary skills. Doug Schatz will walk you though the basic strategies for managing who the internet thinks you are. 

imageedit_1_6218111601-(2).pngEpisode 6: July 6, 2021
Surviving the Cataclysm: How Hurricane Laura Disrupted our Business
With Mike Fischer & Joy Abshire, A-Door Works

When Hurricane Laura hit Lake Charles, LA, in the midst of the Pandemic, the folks at A1-Door Works had to reinvent their business model and their way of life. Join us as we speak with Joy about how they have responded to a laundry list of troubles, and how they know that this family business will make it through- eventually!

imageedit_1_6218111601-(2).pngEpisode 7: July 13, 2021
How to Work with Home Inspectors to Improve Safety and the Bottom Line
With Mike Fischer & Randy Oliver, Crawford Hollywood Door and IDA Past President

The residential resale market is hot, and most buyers hire a home inspector so they can make an informed purchase. Home inspectors should check garage doors and openers to make sure that they are working properly- and safely. Randy will share why you should get to know the home inspectors in your market, and what resources you can provide to make their job easier.

imageedit_1_6218111601-(2).pngEpisode 8: July 20, 2021
Cross Generational Selling
With Mike Fischer & Special Guest Matt Weber

The new abnormal isn't just about COVID-19, it's also about understanding customer needs across different generations. Join Matt for this session and learn some tips for dealing with younger buyers to improve your closing ratio.
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