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How to Attract & Retain Viciously Loyal & Productive Employees

BV-Headshot-Small-(3).jpgJoin Brandon for a special presentation of “How to Attract and Retain Viciously Loyal and Productive Employees” . 
For decades, Brandon Vaughn witnessed his own father’s drive and dedication owning/operating a small service-based business. For 33 years, his father ran his small business as a single employee. In 2011, his father was diagnosed with a serious illness that prevented him from performing the physical tasks required to keep his operations running. Brandon purchased the business with a promise to keep it running in order to support his parents. In under 6 seasons, Brandon grew the business from zero to over 70 employees, increasing revenues from $8k/mo to over $450k/mo. In 2017, he was awarded the S.B.A Small Business Person of the Year award for the state of Oregon.
Today, Brandon helps thousands of small business owners systemize and scale their companies through his company Automate Grow Sell, which provides personalized mentorship and training programs for small business owners. Facilitated by CEOs and executives with real-world experience in small business growth, their Conquer program yielded an average of 77% year-over-year growth for participants in 2018 -- a level of success that Brandon and the Conquer team will continue to inspire for years to come.