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Transitional Leadership

Track: Management
Speaker: Russ Cherry
April 20th, 8am-9:30pm
We love to read about the dynamics of success. We study it, celebrate it, and try to emulate how successful leaders rise to the top and lead their businesses. I’ve spent my career helping executives succeed through coaching and development.
But even as I’m drawn to success stories, I have found that the greatest lessons come from examining failure. I found that business leadership transitions that fail are in the midst of one of three common transition scenarios:
  1. The leap into leadership. The transition to the top team is demanding, with 50% to 60% of new leaders failing within the first 18 months of being promoted or hired.
  2. The organizational transition. I would argue that nearly every organization today is either considering or enacting a transformation of some type. Even in this “change is the new normal” reality, high stakes transformations are highly risky for business owners who fail to reinvent the organization or themselves fast enough.
  3. The pinnacle paradox. The last tricky transition that derails executives is the “career pinnacle”. Owners are at the pinnacle of their careers. They have competed for years and achieved what they have been striving for: a spot on the top team. As a result, many experience a type of paradox: They are working harder than ever to succeed, but they don’t know what’s next in their career.
In this fun and fast paced session you will learn how to avoid these common mistakes and leave this program with a clear set of action steps you can use on your first day back in the office!