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Tips and Tricks for Hiring Dependable Labor

Track: Management
Speaker: Kevin Pettiette
April 5th, 8:00 am - 9:30 am
Hiring and Retaining Dependable Labor is something every one of us needs help with.  This ‎seminar will be an guided discussion format led by Kevin Pettiette, Owner of Smokey's Garage ‎Door and IDA's Past President.  We will define who you are looking for and where you can find ‎them. We will discuss the interview process, touching on some topics you need to be very careful ‎about and we will talk about suggestions on how to retain your quality team members.  With only ‎‎90 minutes, this will be a fast paced, informative meeting which needs you.  Join us for what will ‎be a very interesting topic.‎