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3 Tools to Take Online Leads from your Competition and Convert them into New Customers

Track: Management
Speaker: Market Hardware
April 20th, 3pm-4:30pm
When it comes to growing your business, the industry leaders all agree – you must take steps to capture every lead you can.  This is especially true when it comes to potential customers looking for you online.  The Web continues to become more competitive and Google is raising the stakes when comparing you to your competition.  Ask yourself – are you doing everything you can to be found, capture leads, and convert those leads into new business?
We will teach you the tricks that will help you outsmart your competition.  Here are the three keys to success in 2021:
  1. Focus on Geofencing – Deliver digital “business cards” on phones and computers in the top neighborhoods you want to work in - for just one penny per ad view!
  2. Make Google Local Service Ads a part of your 2021 plan – Tired of Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor leads that amount to nothing?  It’s time you implement Google’s pay-per-lead program (AKA “Google Guaranteed”)
  3. Now that you are being found, you must convert those leads.  That’s why Live Chat is our top online tool for 2021 – drive leads even when your business is closed with a 24/7 solution.
2020 was a strange year for everyone.  Some of you may have had your best year ever, and others may have struggled through tough times.  But the goal is still the same – grow your business, edge out your competition and do everything you can to drive more new customers.