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Learning to Delegate

Track: Management
Speakers: Todd Liles and Chris Elmore
April 5th, 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Leaders are not often great at delegation. ‎We believe that when a leader chooses not to delegate, ‎then the leader ‎limits their greatest ‎contribution. In addition, the leader limits the professional ‎development of their team.‎ When a ‎leader chooses delegation over task hoarding, then they free ‎everyone for their ‎greatest contribution. ‎Leaders that ‎delegate well, lead well.  ‎In this ‎presentation, we will explore the reasons and ways to delegate successfully.‎

The following points will be unpacked:‎
‎•‎    The value of the leader’s time
‎•‎    A study of CEOs and their time
‎•‎    Letting go of distractions, time wasters, and security blankets
‎•‎    The levels of delegation
‎•‎    How to delegate with clarity using The Position Agreement