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How Top Door Dealers Are Finally Solving Google and Social Media

Track: Management
Speaker: Doug Schatz
April 6th, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The number one question we get from door dealers each year is: “with Google and Facebook ‎changing ‎all the time, how am I supposed to grow my business while dealing with these ‎challenges?” Let’s face ‎it, the past few years have presented difficulties to door dealers that other ‎service professionals do ‎not face.  But the bottom line is – we are all marching to the beat of ‎Google and Facebook’s drum and ‎most importantly, it’s where customers are going to look for ‎your services.  If you aren’t being found, ‎your competitors are.‎

These days, growing your business online is not about any one thing – it’s about a lot of little ‎things ‎adding up to a smarter growth strategy.  That’s why we will share the four most important ‎things you ‎need to know about Google and Facebook to grow your business in 2022.‎

Please join Doug Schatz, VP of Partnerships at Market Hardware, for his 6th IDAExpo ‎presentation as ‎he shares the Google and Facebook insider tips and tricks he has learned over ‎‎13 years of digital ‎marketing experience.  ‎