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Back to Basics - Contracts, Warranties, and Risk Management

Type: Management
Speaker: Brian Schoolman, Safran Law Offices
April 5th, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Door dealers have the power to manage and limit many of their potential legal and ‎economic ‎liabilities.  The starting points for this control are the contracts dealers sign, and ‎the warranties ‎dealers give.  What dealers have learned during the pandemic is that ‎business practices have ‎changed due to price escalation and supply chain disruptions.  As ‎a result, dealers have to ‎update how they deal with customers, subcontractors, and ‎suppliers.  Attorney Brian J. ‎Schoolman of Safran Law Offices will present tips for dealers ‎to improve their contracts, tighten ‎up their warranties, and examine other ways to ‎manage legal risks in their business operations.‎