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IDAExpo 2020 Education Sessions

Below is the complete list of educational workshops offered at this year's IDAExpo 2020:

Monday, March 2

7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. 
IDEA Technical School
IDEA will present 2 Technical Schools, the Rolling Steel/Rolling Steel Fire Door Course and the Residential and Commercial Sectional Doors Course.
Attendees are not required to be enrolled in any IDEA certification programs to participate but the courses are ideal as pre-examination preparation.
The IDEA Train-the-Trainer class teaches experienced installers and service technicians the training skills they need to properly evaluate the progress of trainees, communicate effectively, demonstrate quality interpersonal relations skills, and much more. The Train-the-Trainer class is a separate fee from the IDAExpo Registration. Register for the Train-the—Trainer class through IDEA.
3 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Josef Roberts, E-Squared
Industry Insights: Session 1 – Principles of Accounting
What is accounting and how does it work? There are different types of accounting and these various types of accounting are needed to analyze your businesses.  As part of this session, we will look at the principles of accounting. These fundamentals will help you to build a correct chart of accounts and help you better understand accounting foundations.
Moderator: Ranee Patel, Overhead Door Company of the Meadowlands
Women Open Doors Panel Discussion
The Door & Access Systems industry still seems to be called the “good ‘ole boys club”, but when you look around, there are a lot of female faces and the number seems to be growing every year. This panel discussion is composed of women owned dealers and manufacturers who have made an impact in their own businesses and the industry itself. We will engage in various discussions over female leadership & management, experiences working in a male dominated environment, working with family and so much more!  Whether you grew up in the industry or if you are just getting involved, this will be an empowering conversation with strong women in the industry. 
Bret Jacob, Nortek Security & Control
Connected Home – Growth Opportunity or Bust: 
Is the connected home a potential growth opportunity for your business? Are there significant revenue dollars that your business could be generating? Attend this seminar to get a better understanding of this fast-growing market segment and learn if SMART home diversification is right for your business.  We will examine current facts, growing trends and future directions in the connected home space from a leading industry manufacture.
Paul McManus, Haas Door
What is Ethical Selling and Its Importance to Succeed in Today’s Market
Industry veteran and Sales & Marketing professional Mr. Paul McManus will present an open discussion seminar around the hot topic of Ethical Sales practices and Business Ethics for you and your team.
5 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Josef Roberts, E-Squared
Industry Insights: Session 2 – Analyzing Income Statements
Do you know how to properly to read and assess a healthy an Income Statement?  To understand your income statement, you need to understand the principles of recognizing revenue and expenses appropriately.  You will learn the why matching revenues and expenses are important and how to analyze your overhead expenses.  In addition, we will identify key ratios and numbers on the income statement that will help you better understand your business. 

Steve Kuscsik, UL LLC
UL 325 – Keeping Up To Date with Safety Requirements for Residential and Commercial Door and Gate Systems
Safety is key to the success of your company and our industry. If it is not your top concern, it probably should be. For over 45 years, UL 325 has played a key role in establishing and advancing safety requirements for automatic garage door operators, gate operators and related products.
This seminar will provide the latest and most up to date changes that affect everyone, including manufacturers, dealers and installers.  Bring your smart phones as these will be used to “test your knowledge” during the discussion.
Chuck Miller, Miller Consulting
Who’s Running Your Business: The Answer Might Surprise You!
In this seminar Mr. Miller will explore the many outside and inside influences that keep you from effectively running your business and how to run your business more efficiently by minimizing or eliminating these influences.
Mike Fisher, IDA Executive Director
Kevin Pettiette, IDA President 
IDA is the voice for the door dealer industry; attend this session to learn how IDA is engaging with stakeholders and regulators to advance the industry.

Tuesday, March 3

7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
IDEA Technical School

IDEA will present 2 Technical Schools, the Rolling Steel/Rolling Steel Fire Door Course and the Residential and Commercial Sectional Doors Course.
Attendees are not required to be enrolled in any IDEA certification programs to participate but the courses are ideal as pre-examination preparation.
8 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Presented by DASMA and an All-Star Cast
Mock Trial: Door Dealer on Trial for Door Accident
You get to be part of the jury as industry members play the roles of judge, the plaintiff and defense attorneys, the accused, and the injured in this realistic mock trial. The case is an entrapment accident involving a door with an operator. The eye-opening presentation from DASMA will show you what happens in the courtroom when a plaintiff attempts to collect damages as a result of an accident, alleging that a product was improperly installed and did not meet safety standards.
Ralph Olita, Genie Company
Commercial Operators – Safety First!
Join Mr. Olita for an in-depth discussion on mechanical and electronic commercial operators; what they are, how they work, wiring and troubleshooting. 
Mark McManus, Door Boy
Ryan Lucia, Aaron Overhead Doors 

Using Photos to Improve Customer Service
A discussion on how before and after photos of jobs can be an important tool for your office personnel and technicians alike.
Dick Lano, JVS Garage Door Co. and
David Mount, Mount Garage Doors
Cables, Drums and Springs
A technician’s view to cables, drums and springs from basic knowledge to ‘in the field’ best practices. 
10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.    

James Kerr

High-performing teams think, feel and act differently - the challenge is to create an environment of perpetual personal and professional growth and, as time goes on, continually reinvent the conditions that enable this. In response to this challenge, James Kerr has developed an evidence-based methodology that creates the conditions needed in teams for extraordinary performance. His process is inclusive, helping leaders and teams to co-create their own high-performance environment through a menu of engaging, empowering and sometimes provocative interventions that cut through to a deepened sense of belonging and commitment.

1 p.m. - 2 p.m.

Josef Roberts, E Squared
Industry Insights: Session 3 – Analyzing Balance Sheets
Do you know how to properly read and assess a healthy a Balance Sheet.  During this session, we will discuss how your income statement and balance sheet are connected.  Learn also about the importance of working capital and how to calculate it.  Finally, we will look at key ratios and measurements on the balance sheet that can be used to improve your cash flow and understand your financial position.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA
Straight From the Source….DASMA Technical Data Sheets
For many years, DASMA has made available helpful industry documents called Technical Data Sheets free for public access.  Joe Hetzel, DASMA Technical Director, will quickly overview the over 100 available along with describing their overall purpose and intent.

Randy Oliver, Hollywood-Crawford Door Co., and Andy Stergiou, IDAssurance
How to Save Money on your Rising Auto Insurance Rates
Distracted driving, skyrocketing vehicle repair costs, and ambulance chasing attorneys on every billboard & TV channel are just a few reasons why auto insurance premiums continue to escalate and in turn erode your bottom line.  What can you do about it?  Join Andy Stergiou, IDAssurance Program Director, and Randy Oliver, past IDA president, as they lead in an interactive and informative discussion on what you can do to help control your auto insurance premiums and improve your fleet safety.

Mark Bouchard, BEA, Inc.
The Future is Now: Utilizing Technology to your Advantage
You just installed a new high-speed door, or maybe the facility manager wants to reduce safety hazards. Choosing the right device for door activation or warehouse automation requires an understanding of the technologies available. Between motion, presence, and radio controls, this crucial step can increase production and reduce unwanted detections. Participate in our presentation to gain more confidence and know-how at the job-site.
2:30 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Chad Hymas

 Who Needs Legs When You Have Wings?
Motivating presentations must be accompanied by solutions that change and inspire lives. Today more than ever, people are looking not simply for entertainment, but for direction and solid answers. Chad Hymas has spent the last seventeen years developing solutions that transformed his life. His stories are moving, his courage unprecedented, and his insights profound. His accomplishments provide a powerful litmus test to the validity of these dynamic principles! In this presentation, Chad will teach your group to:
  • Conquer the emotional paralysis that robs vision and momentum
  • Turn obstacles into incredible opportunities
  • Harness the power of change and rise above to progress
  • Tap into unseen personal power and inner strength to accomplish seemingly impossible dreams
4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Josef Roberts, E Squared
Industry Insights: Session 4 – Analyzing Cash Flow
Do you know how to properly read and assess a healthy Cash Flow Statement?  Your Cash Flow Statement is different than your bank balance.  It is important to know that accurate reporting of your income statement and balance sheet will lead to accurate reporting of your cash flow.  We will take time to review key numbers on your statement of cash flow that will indicate solid cash management and ensure that you are generating the cash you need to sustain the business.
Tony Badalamenti, Genie Company
Customer Service – Who is Really Responsible?
Join Tony as he defines customer service and helps you realize who is really responsible. 
What do customer really expect?  How can you improve the perception required in today’s market?  And most importantly, Tony will help you learn how to WOW the prospects and your current customers.
John Bockert, Firelands Hardware, Inc.
Hollow Metal Doors & Frames
Learn how to measure an opening and quote a job for a profitable extension of your business. Simple Do’s and “Don’ts to grow your business.  Fire Rated requirements.
Kevin Pettiette, Smokey’s Garage Door and IDA President
Residential Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
Join Kevin Pettiette and learn important residential troubleshooting and problem-solving techniques.  Tips that can really help you satisfy your customers!

Wednesday, March 4

8 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

Russ Cherry (Young Professions Network speaker)
Successful Engagement: The Art of Effectively Leading, Managing and Supervising Your Team
Are you a leader? Are you a manager? Are you a supervisor? Believe it or not... you’re all three! Most leaders have great intentions, but little productivity, growth, and profit come from those great intentions. This interactive seminar will teach you when to be:
- a visionary leader
- a disciplined systems driven manager
- a dedicated supervisor working with your people.
When you align your people with systems to achieve your vision amazing things will happen!
Janee Weber and Andrew Weber, Alpha Overhead Door 
Predictive Maintenance Can Change the Dynamic of Your Bottom Line
Join Janee and learn how to advance your commercial door customer experience and retention using diagnostic technology for predictive maintenance.  Become an innovative company by meeting the changing needs of commercial customers at their level.  We will discuss how to take the stress off of customers and become the “go to company” for commercial door needs.
Dewey Stewart, Midwest Garage Door Company
IDEA Apprenticeship Program
Join industry veteran, Dewey Stewart, and learn how to use the IDEA Apprenticeship Program to train your new hires.  This U.S. Department of Labor approved program can develop new hires into complete technical professionals in two years.  It is the Ultimate Training Program for our Industry.
Alain Parcan, Market Hardware
We are a Top Garage Door Business...But Why Doesn’t Google Think So?
That’s a big – and increasingly important question. And, it’s one that we at Market Hardware hear daily from garage door pros. Especially with all of Google’s recent changes to their search formula (have you signed up for their pay-per-lead program yet?).  
We’ll lay out the latest strategies to solve for the most mystifying challenge on the Web: Why do search engines rank Websites the way they do?
IDA members tend to be the best in the business, so a lot of them understandably struggle to figure out why they don’t seem like it according to search engines – those darned things that sometimes rank unlicensed newcomers (i.e. Bad Bobs) high, while industry mainstays are nowhere to be found.

After 12+ years of researching and improvising the perfect solution for garage door pros looking to market online, we’ve figured out what REALLY works and we’re ready to share it with you. So join us during this workshop and we will walk you through a step-by-step process to cracking the Google code and getting your business listed where it belongs – at the top of Page One on Google.
10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Bill Earnest, Farmer Garage Door
800 Applications for One Job!
Finding good people and developing a formal training program are critical to having a successful business. Our old ways of doing things won’t work with today’s applicants. In this workshop Bill will discuss new approaches to recruiting and hiring. He will also review IDEA materials that you can use to develop better employees, improve your business profitability and enhance the Legacy of your business.
Matt Weber, Alpha Overhead Door and a YPN Panel
Successful Transitions:  An Interactive Panel Discussion with Transitional Experts
In today’s world, many small businesses fail when it comes to transitioning from the charismatic founder to the second-generation manager. The charismatic founder doesn’t think the new generation is doing enough to keep the business going. The new generation doesn’t want to work like or be managed like the “old way.”  Here in lies the seeds for an “us and them” type battle, in which the small business rarely survives. A successful transition; whether it be from one generation to the next, or founder to manager, requires clear communication, patience, and a will to want to see it through. This panel discussion will address many of the issues that plague a successful transition.
Kaley Wichman, The McAlear Group
Rankin Walkup, The McAlear Group
Steve Smith, The McAlear Group

Phone Calls Aren’t Dead. Best Practices for Customer Service Over the Phone
The phone is the most personal customer service channel that is still relevant today. It requires excellent listening skills and a cool head. During this workshop learn best phone practices, how phone professionalism links to your brand, and why strong customer service is a premium value add. Then, get personalize advice, for your phone presence during a Q&A with a few members of the Service Spring sales and marketing teams!

Peter Daniolos, Liftmaster
Do You Want Fries with That?

Join Peter and learn this critically important skill to increase your revenue by offering full solution-based selling to your customers. 




Keynote Speaker: Mike Holmes


Friday, March 6

8 a.m. – 10 a.m.
 IDA Panel of Experts- Dave Dawdy, Ed Hermanns, David Mount, and Michael Whitacre 
Fire Marshall Training Class- Raise the Bar of Awareness

 This training session was created by a well-known industry team of installation and maintenance, fire inspection, manufacturing and code development experts. It was written with the ultimate goal of educating Fire Inspectors, State Fire Marshals, building inspectors, AHJ’s and other building inspection officials with the key fundamentals and critical knowledge necessary to fairly evaluate a rolling steel fire door assembly in the field.

The initiative was proposed by David Mount of Mount Garage Doors and Mike Whitacre of Carl’s Door Service in an effort to raise the bar of awareness among their own local building officials. Quick to round out the team was IDA past president Ed Hermanns of Merchantville Overhead Door and David Dawdy of CornellCookson.

The result is a presentation that dives into the world of rolling door fire protectives, integrated and stand-alone options, building owner responsibilities, retrofit targets, critical standards interpretation, code updates and records inspection requirements. This is a 2-hour CEU interactive class that details the core Power Point presentation aimed at professional inspection officials interlaced with talking points and prompts for the presenter. The core presentation is scheduled for the 2020 National Fire Marshall’s Association convention and your attendance and training from this course will qualify you to also become an instructor, allowing you access to present this training class at your own local and regional chapter events for building and fire inspectors. Whether you attend to expand your market influence as a fire protection specialist or to simply increase your own level of expertise, this is definitely not the one to miss!