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Make Room for the Miracle

Russ-Cherry.jpgAt just 16, Russ Cherry learned he had cancer. After months of agonizing treatments and being told he was cancer-free, he learned the disease had struck again. It was Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Terminal. The doctor told Russ and his family to plan his funeral and invite the speakers within the next few hours. Somber medical professionals told him that he would be lucky if he was still alive at dinnertime that evening. What would you do if you were given just a few hours to live?
"Make Room for the Miracle" is a story of struggle, overcoming heartache and, most importantly, hope. Russ shares his often-painful experiences in his fight and what they taught him and those around him. "Make Room for the Miracle" delivers a powerful message of holding on when things get tough. He shares his story to help people seeking to find purpose in their own difficulties or for any person needing a boost of inspiration.
Russ Cherry has been a speaker and trainer for some of the largest companies in the world, including ExxonMobil, Conoco, Phillips 66 and US Bank. He’s now working to spread his message around the globe. A two-time cancer survivor, Russ knows that every day is a good day, that without risk there are no rewards, and that people and companies can do more than merely survive—they can thrive. He knows that failure can be as much of a learning experience as success, and that asking the right question is more important than already knowing the answer. And he knows that he can help those in business—from the man on the factory floor to the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company–rediscover their own paths and unlock the doors to unqualified success.