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State of the Industry Roundtable

Track: Management
Speaker: Panel: Byron Burland, Brenton Cheney, Jeremy Evener, Blain St Ama, Tim Castello 
October 1st, 9:15am-10:15am
The past 18 months have thrown out all of the normal assumptions regarding what to expect in the door and access systems industry. The ongoing trend of price increases and changing lead times have impacted manufacturers and dealers alike. Join a panel of IDA Board Members both Suppliers and Dealers in an open discussion regarding the unprecedented price increases. Here we will examine from the manufacturers perspective the flow of: 
  • General operations 
  • PO for semi-finished raw materials
  • All the industries at are impacted by the PO 
  • Labor Markets 
We will also examine the Dealer Side on how those manufacturing changes and challenges affect the dealer with: 
  • Changes in dealers managing stocks and orders. 
  • How not passing along increases to the end user can compound through your dealership and kill profitability.