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Fire Marshall Train the Trainer Course

Track: Management
Speaker: Ed Hermanns, David Dawdy, David Mount
October 2nd, 7am-9:30am
Attendance and training from this course will qualify you to become an instructor, ‎allowing you access to the materials developed to present this training class in your local ‎area. The session will provide you with the knowledge and format to educate fire ‎inspectors, state fire marshals, building inspectors, AHJ’s and other building inspection ‎officials with the key fundamentals and critical knowledge necessary to fairly evaluate a ‎rolling steel fire door assembly in the field. The presentation will dive into the world of ‎rolling door fire protectives, integrated and stand-alone options, building owner ‎responsibilities, retrofit targets, critical standards interpretation, code updates and ‎records inspection requirements. This is a 2-hour CEU interactive class that summarizes ‎the main presentation scheduled for the National Fire Marshall’s Association ‎convention.   ‎