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Selling by Differentiating: Why Should Prospects Buy From You?

In today’s world there are seemingly infinite choices for a consumer when they make a decision.  Do a search for your next purchase on places like Amazon, and the results are awash with choices from higher priced options to faster delivery options, to everything in between.   

What sets you and your business apart?  Why should a homeowner choose to purchase their next garage door from you?  When a commercial customer is looking for a company to replace their spring that broke over the weekend, why should they call you?  

We’ll take a dive into some of the psychology of why customers choose one service provider over the other.  Most importantly, we’ll look at what you can do to give your business a competitive edge, and provide a compelling reason for a customer to give you the win.

Tim Ashford began his career in the door industry in 1999.  Working in rural Western Nebraska, he learned service and installations on both residential and commercial doors.  During this time, he developed his skill in product knowledge, installation ability, and diagnostic and technical expertise.  7 years later, he moved into management and had the opportunity to manage a few different sized door companies throughout the Intermountain West and the Midwest.  This 8-year period allowed him to lead diverse teams in all aspects of dealer operations: sales, installation, office, and supplier relationships.  It was also during this time that he honed his sales ability, and developed his unique, and successful selling style, catering to the garage door industry.  In 2014 Tim took the opportunity to work for a major garage door manufacturing company as a District Sales Manager and has held several progressively different roles within the companies he has worked with.  Today, Tim is the Vice President of Sales and Customer Support with Raynor Garage Doors.