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Disruptions Deceptions, and Decisions - Outsmarting the hidden illusions that change and stress unleash on your decision performance 
Studies show that the stress from major disruptions has adverse effects on our thinking, focus, and decision-making abilities. Cognitive illusions such as status quo bias and attention distraction can keep us from successfully adapting when a major change confronts us and our work. 

In this entertaining and though-provoking program, Steve demonstrates how the mental distortions, weaknesses and errors that make magic tricks look real also affect our everyday decision making and problem-solving abilities - especially in times of stress, change, and uncertainty. 

Steve Haffner is a professional speaker and mind performance strategist. He helps audiences elevate their decision making and problem-solving abilities through strategies for overcoming the subconscious illusions that become barriers to successful performance. 

He multifaceted career included 30 years in the corporate arena as a programmer, systems engineer, executive and business analyst for companies such as EDS, Mercer, Humana, and others. 

In 2011 Steve launched his own business as a magician, mentalist and speaker. His experiences as a corporate professional, business owner and magician give him a unique perspective on how the mind operates. He discovered how the same subconscious mental impulses, reflexes and distortions that magicians manipulate to create entertaining illusions affect our everyday thinking and decision making as well. 

Steve’s expertise combines his background and experience with the latest insights from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics.