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Controlling Your Business' Most Valuable Asset: Your Time
Where did Today Go?  We wanted to focus on implementing this task, but it just got away from us.  If I don't do it, no one will.  I just cant find good people.  Sadly, these are all phrases that not just Garage Door Owners and Managers utter frequently, but small business owners in general.  Time is the number one most valuable resource you have and learning to use it effectively will allow you to achieve freedom in your business life.

Getting your time back in your business can mean something different to everyone.  Business Freedom may mean a business that provides a passive income stream where you only check in occasionally.  Business Freedom may mean allowing you time to grow and scale your business further.  Or Business Freedom may simply mean being able to shut the laptop and hang up your work gear when you get home at night and on the weekends.  Controlling your time better allows you to spend more time with your loved ones, enjoy your favorite hobbies as well as being able to focus on other activities.  In this presentation, Adam will share Tips & Tricks (including some Excel Nerdery), as well as some useful Software and Strategies you can take home and implement immediately, that will allow you to start having better control of your time, that most precious resource you possess.  You wont want to miss it!

Adam is a business coach for Garage Door Freedom, helping garage door contractors grow and achieve their business goals.  Previously, he worked for A1 Garage Door Service as the CIO & EVP.  Adam started in the Garage Door Business 9 years ago with Tommy Mello, he is a Service Titan power user, and has been intimately involved in all aspects of A1's Operations, Systems and Processes, resulting in a staggering 3000% increase in growth during his tenure.  In his free time, he enjoys traveling, watching soccer and spending time with his beautiful wife and 2 young daughters.