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Serving on the IDA Board

The IDA Board of Directors is a diverse group of individuals who reflect the composition of the IDA membership. IDA ensures that its Directors represent different company sizes, industry tenures, experience and geographical locations. (Read the FAQ to learn more.)

The IDA Board is charged with governing the association in accordance with the bylaws, identifying industry influences, and developing initiatives to positively impact the industry as a whole. 

A Director’s term is three years, with the possibility to be reelected for a consecutive three-year term. Directors are elected (or reelected) annually by the IDA membership. It is recommended that all candidates be a member of IDA for at least one year. Submitting a name for candidacy does not guarantee selection by the Nominations Committee to be on the ballot. 

If you are interested in being considered for candidacy on the IDA Board of Directors, complete the Nominee Application. 

Board Nomination Form


What are the qualifications for being an IDA Director?  When do Directors assume their official positions? When do the Nominating Committee and Board select nominees?  How many meetings is a Director expected to attend?  Is a Director reimbursed for meeting related expenses?  What are the overall duties of a Director?  What is the duration of a typical Director meeting?  Do Director Nominees campaign for the position?  When does an election take place?  Do Director spouses attend meetings?