IDA At-Large Regional Director Candidates

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IDA At-Large Regional Director Candidates

Voting is now open for IDA Members only. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.



Melissa Whitacure (Incumbent)

Company:  Carl's Door Service Inc.
City/State: Baldwin, MD

Bio: Melissa Whitacre is the General Manager of Carl’s Door Service in Baltimore, third ‎generation family business since 1965. Melissa has been working the summers since ‎the age of 15 and joined full time at 23. In fact, Melissa has literally grown up in the ‎industry driving around in the back of her dad’s truck as a kid when they didn’t have ‎a babysitter. Besides Melissa’s office skills, she is a full versed Technician and quite ‎capable of running a truck in the field. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys crafts such ‎as stained glass and cross stitch. Her love for animals can be seen through her ‎constant fostering of ats through humane society and when time allowed, coaching ‎her nephew in youth basketball.‎

Candidate Statement‎"As the current IDA incumbent, I have also served 6 years both on the Committee and ‎volunteering for the YPN. I am asking for your VOTE so I can continue in helping ‎facilitate the changes needed in both IDA and the industry as a whole. Not only to ‎move our industry further, but to bring about opportunities for us all to network ‎and grow.‎"



Kim Prosser

Company: Precision Door Service
City/State: Portland, OR

Bio: Kim and her husband, Stan Prosser, have owned a garage door franchise, Precision Door Service, in ‎Portland, Oregon, for the past 20 years. With a diverse background in Human Relations, Business ‎Management, Customer Service and Accounting and experience in several industries, Kim has found a ‎home in the door business. Kim and Stan joined the now-defunct Northwest Door and Operators ‎Association (NWDOA) and IDA early on and have enjoyed the relationships with their local door ‎community. Kim has served in board positions within the NWDOA over the years.  ‎

Kim was born in Tacoma, WA, raised in Portland, OR, and attended Portland Community College and ‎Portland State University. She enjoys spending family time with Stan’s adult kids and grandkids when ‎not working on their business. Her hobbies include music, cooking, golf, Asian art, and travel. ‎Additionally, Kim is a private pilot, along with her husband.  ‎
As a longtime Portland resident, Kim has volunteered for many organizations throughout her life, most ‎notably on the Asian Art Council of the Portland Art Museum, servings several terms as Treasurer, Vice ‎President, and President. She also has volunteered in the past with the Susan Koman Foundation for ‎Breast Cancer Research (Kim is a 25-year breast cancer survivor herself), Raphael House (shelter for ‎battered women and children), and the Pongo Fund (supporting animals in need).‎
Kim believes learning and challenging yourself is the key to growth and success. She has been a ‎member of a Vistage group (an international peer-to-peer business mentoring organization) for the ‎past six years.‎
Kim loves the daily challenges of leading a terrific team of professionals in their business and is ‎motivated by being able to help create opportunities for others to be successful, both in business and ‎in their personal lives.‎
Her favorite business quote is from Lao Tzu, “A leader is best when people barely know he exists; ‎when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”‎

Candidate Statement: "I would be honored to serve as your Regional Director for the IDA. I want to give back to a ‎terrific organization that has supported her family through the years with two IDA educational ‎scholarships. It is an excellent opportunity to continue to learn, grow and serve and to help create ‎more successful opportunities for our industry in the Pacific Northwest.‎"


Alex Gaskill

Company:  Skylift Garage Doors
City/State: Raleigh, NC

Bio : Alex Gaskill is the CEO and Founder of Skylift Garage Doors. In addition to ‎overseeing the growth and expansion of the company, he is also responsible for ‎Skylift's leadership team development. As a young adult, he combined his passion ‎for film, sales and entrepreneurship by studying at Ball State University. Prior to ‎becoming CEO of Skylift, Alex was named a top-ranking sales consultant at a ‎software company and managed a territory in the Midwest. Alex’s accomplishments ‎include the rebranding and expansion of Skylift Garage Doors from a 6-person ‎company to more than 30 employees in 3 states. Under his leadership, Skylift grew ‎to become an IDA Top 50 Residential Door Dealer in 2022 and received recognition ‎and as INC 5000 honoree. In his spare time, Alex enjoys hiking, ice hockey, cycling, ‎visiting warm beaches and spending time with family, his wife and his 2-year-old ‎son.‎

Candidate Statement: "As a relative newcomer to the door business, I have a unique perspective of the ‎garage door industry as a whole. My sales and marketing background have allowed ‎me to have a different — and valuable — perspective on the industry. I want to see ‎our industry grow and evolve as a whole to meet the changing needs and ‎expectations our customers have. In order for dealers to continue to grow as a ‎whole we must challenge the status quo, and how things have “always been ‎done.”  My passion is helping businesses thrive. I believe involvement with the IDA is ‎more important than ever in the turbulent economy we face in 2023.‎"