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Voting will open in February 2022. 


Region 1

Dave Plowman (Incumbent)

Company:  PDQ Door Co Inc
City/State: Hampden, Maine

Bio and Candidate Statement:  Dave Plowman has lived in Maine for his whole life, going to university at the University of Southern Maine. Going on more than 33 uears of marriage, Dave  has proudly raised four children and eight grandhildren.  Free time is spent between spent hunting, fishing, shooting, and of coursespoling the grandchildren!  Dave has received: 2009 Hampden Business Association Businessman of the Year, and PDQ Door has reeived the 2011 IDA Joe Caputo Dealer of the Year Award.  Service history includes: 2009 through present as friend of the NRA, eleven years coaching youth softball, four years fundraising for the Boy Scots of America, seven years in the Hampden Town Council, two years on the P.D.A. of New England Board of Directors, and 27 proud years in the overhead door industry.

Candidate Statement: "I have attended all but two of the IDA/DODA Expos over the past 27 years.  PDQ Door was one of the first IDEA accredited dealerships in New England.  IDA/IDEA helps make our door dealerships more professional.  As I wind down my career and begin passing the day duties of running P.D.Q. Door to others I feel that I now have the time to give some of my time and energy back to IDA.  Over the years, IDA has given me a wealth of knowledge and personal connections throughout the door industry.  I am honored to help strengthen and grow IDA and IDEA."

Region 3


Jonathan Stewart

Company: Midwest Garage Door Company
City/State: Pawnee, Illinois 


Candidate Statement

TJ Higgins

Company: Higgins Overhead Door
City/State: Crown Point, Indiana

Bio: Tim “TJ” Higgins Jr. is a second-generation door guy from Northwest Indiana and Vice ‎President of Higgins Overhead Door.  He learned at a young age as many have in the industry: ‎hands-on with Dad.  He taught TJ everything that he knows about the business, but the most ‎important lesson he taught was the values of hard, quality work and to always find a lasting ‎solution to the customer’s problems.  TJ worked many summers at the business and joined full ‎time after two years at Purdue University in 2011.‎

Throughout his time at Higgins Overhead Door, TJ has helped to develop new customer ‎relations, improved vendor and industry relations, and tried to improve upon the foundations set ‎in place by his parents.  He has also set out to learn about all aspects of the door industry and to ‎show his and the company’s commitment to the industry.  TJ is the IDEA accreditation holder ‎for Higgins Overhead Door and also is currently in the process of obtaining Master Technician ‎certification.  He encourages all his technicians to pursue IDEA certification.  TJ has been ‎invited to participate in multiple manufacturer’s dealer councils due to his business insight, ‎product knowledge, and willingness to share his views to better the industry.  He does all of this ‎while still doing installs and service work!‎

TJ is proudly married to his wife of over 6 years and has two wonderful children: a 3 year old ‎daughter and 5 month old son.  He loves to travel with his family and hopes to be able to make ‎it to Disney World with them soon!‎

Candidate Statement: "I have dedicated my life to learning everything there is to know about the door industry as ‎possible and to be involved with helping to better myself and the industry as a whole.  Every ‎day I wake up and ask “how can I do better for my customers, the company, and my family?” ‎and I want to take this question to the IDA and begin to work on things that can better the door ‎industry as a whole.  From getting our company accredited to pursuing personal certifications, I ‎strive to gaining as much knowledge as possible to help answer that never-ending question.  I ‎want to take this passion I have for doors and learning and help the IDA and its members do ‎better.‎

My father always taught me to never say “I can’t do this” and to find a way to make it work.  ‎Not just any way to make it work, but a way that will last the customer a long time and that you ‎can be proud to stamp your name on.  I believe that there isn’t anything that we cannot do ‎together as an industry and that the IDA should do things that we all can stamp our names on.  ‎I’d love to be apart of the IDA leadership and put my knowledge and perspective to work for the ‎entire door industry!‎"

Adam Weber

Company: AE Door Sales
City/State: Cincinnati, Ohio


Candidate Statement: 

Region 8

Robynn Nehl (Incumbent)

Company: Overhead Door Company of Gillette
City/State: Gillette, WY


Candidate Statement

Industry/Supplier Representatives

Erin Fimbel Heindrichs (Incumbent)

Company:  Fimbel Architectural Door Specialties
City/State: Flemington, New Jersey

Bio: Erin Fimbel has a Bachelor’s Degree of Sociology and Emergency & Environmental Management from the ‎University of Delaware.  ‎
Fimbel is President of Fimbel Architectural Door Specialties. She worked her way up through various office ‎positions, to product manager, and then President of the company. She is responsible for planning both short and ‎long-term goals and directives, overseeing production, and working to further the innovative vision Fimbel doors ‎have become known for. ‎
Fimbel has served on the board of the Professional Door Association of New England, including as the PDANE’s ‎Marketing Committee Chair. She has been recognized as a Leading Women Entrepreneur, and has been a recipient ‎of the Smart CEO Family Business Award.‎
In her spare time, she enjoys fostering dogs. ‎

Candidate Statement: ‎"My family has been in the door industry for 94 years. We were honored to receive the IDA Heritage Award in ‎‎2016 and I would be proud to serve an industry which has supported my family for over four generations.‎

One of Fimbel’s values is to “make others successful.” The PDA and IDA have a similar message and demonstrate ‎that a rising tide lifts all boats. Through my involvement in the PDA, I’ve learned the importance of building ‎relationships, and the great things that come from working together and respecting one another. I’m grateful for ‎my involvement on the PDA Board and for the connections I’ve made. My competitors have become my friends. ‎I’ve elevated my business and myself as a leader. I want others to have the opportunity to grow and improve as I ‎have. I’m passionate about sharing my experience and would be honored to take the next step and serve on the IDA ‎Board.‎

Thank you for considering me for this position.”‎

John Hart

Company:  Service Door Industries
City/State: Mississuaga, Ontario


Candidate Statement

Mason Bockert

Company:  Firelands Hardware
City/State: Monroeville, Ohio


Bio:  Mason Bockert is the Vice President of Operations at Firelands Hardware, his family’s business. He started off in the stock room and worked up through fabrication, sales, and now management. During his time with Firelands Hardware Inc., Bockert has helped identify new opportunities to assist the company to grow and implemented internal changes that have improved efficiency. Most days, he is bouncing between his desk, where he does Door Quotes, Order Entry, Sales Calls, Customer Service, and the Warehouse, where he Pulls Orders, Assembles Products, Fabricates Steel Doors and Frames, and many other duties.
When not at work, Bockert spends time with his wife and two small children, home brewing beer, and enjoying the outdoors.

Candidate Statement: “Since becoming involved with the IDA in 2016 I have been impressed with the membership. The dealers that I have come to know are hardworking and dedicated individuals. I come from an adjacent industry, commercial hollow metal doors, and I see many of IDA members working with steel doors and frames daily and not having the support that they need with them. I can bring a new perspective and opportunities to the IDA, with the background that I have, that will benefit the IDA Membership and help it grow and recover after 2020. I would like to help the IDA offer new training and education material; to help the dealers expand their product knowledge and improve their comfort level that will allow them to grow their businesses.”


Sean Baird

Company:  Lynx Industries, Inc.
City/State: Mississauga, Ontario

Bio:  Sean Baird is the current Territory Sales Manager at Napoleon/Lynx, covering all of Canada with the exception of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).  He is a proud and passionate member of the overhead door industry for the past 15 years. His first foray into the world of overhead doors was while working in the Millwork dept, at a big box store in the early 2000’s. In early 2006 he jumped directly into the door industry, working for a large garage door dealer in London, ON.  It was there that he developed a deep appreciation for all things overhead door related and gravitated towards the more technical aspects of the industry because he is a “hands on” type of person. 
From there Baird joined Linear (now Nortek Control) in 2010 as a District Sales Manager, initially covering Eastern Canada, but then eventually covering all of Canada, specializing in both residential and commercial GDO’s, Gate operators, Access Control Systems, and Radio Controls. During his time at Linear, in wanting to constantly improve and enhance his skills, he earned the IDEA certification as both a Certified Door Dealer Consultant, as well as a Certified Automated Gate Systems Designer.
 In 2017, he decided to make the move to Clopay, as Account Manager, taking care of their dealer base customers, covering Ontario and Manitoba, which quickly changed into covering all of Eastern Canada. An early highlight of his time at Clopay was being awarded Account Manager of the Year 2018 for the Canada division. In Spring of 2020, his time at Clopay came to an end due to restructuring as a result of COVID-19.  Not one to be held down long, he was excited to join the team at Napoleon/Lynx in August of 2020 and looks forward to having a long and prosperous career with these great folks.
He has served on the National Board of Directors for the Canadian Door Institute (CDI) since 2014 in varying capacities, and currently hold the position of Vice President.
He has a strong belief in education in general, but especially as it pertains to the  industry. Hence the IDEA certifications.  A wise man he knows once said to him “there are very few situations in life, that cannot be improved with education”. He truly believes in the direction that the IDA is moving and wish to be part of that change.

Baird is a happily married father of 2. In his personal time, Baird is a die-hard sports fan, with NFL being at the top of the list, despite being Canadian (hockey is #2), and of course he loves spending time with the family and helping to coach some of his children’s sports teams when he can. He also plays Slo-Pitch on the weekends during spring and summer.

Candidate Statement: “I have been part of this great industry of ours for the past 15 years and have become very passionate about it! I firmly believe that the way to achieve IDA’s Vision is through education, innovation and professionalism. IDA, being an organization of manufacturers and professional door dealers, is uniquely positioned to lead that change in our industry now and going forward, and I want to be part of that change.
I would bring knowledge and experience gained in my capacity as the Vice President of the Canadian Door Institute to a position on the IDA board. I believe that this experience, as well as my unique perspective on the industry, can be of great use to the board and all of the IDA members. I have seen things from both sides of the fence, both as a professional dealer, and also as a manufacturer representative.  This has given me the personal experiences of going through the day to day challenges and victories that we all meet each day, dealer and manufacturer alike.
It is this combination of knowledge, experience, and passion for our industry that I believe can make me a valuable addition to an already strong board of directors.
Thank you for your consideration.